Spend a whole day with JIMI TEWE in Lagos this September!
Yes! How would you like to be one of those who will be privileged to spend a whole day learning from one of Africa's Leading Transformational Coaches, Jimi Tewe?

On the 24th of September, 2022, a select number of people will get the rare opportunity to be mentored for 8 hours at a private location in Lagos State, Nigeria, where he will be hosting a special edition of his EXPONENTIAL CONFERENCE. The Exponential Conference has held in Houston, Atlanta, Manchester, London, Dallas, Maryland in the last one year.

This particular edition is a special one as he will be teaching, coaching and inspiring on the topic
This 8 Hour experience will feature

As a Coach and Mentor running his own company, I have been able to produce other EMERGING CEOs leaders and influencers doing very well in their various industries.

Whether you are a business owner, career professional, inspirational leader or even a stay at home mum, this event will help you break through  the barriers of timidity, fear, compromise, lack consciousness, thinking small and many other internal barriers that stop people from attaining a greater expression of themselves.


30 People will be admitted for this event at NO COST. These individuals will come in based on a scholarship valued at N35,000 PER PERSON. To qualify for one of these 30 tickets, fill this form – CLICK HERE

Please note that selections will be made based on certain strict criteria. Indicating interest does not guarantee a seat

For GUARANTEED seats, there are two options you can explore. These seats, once paid for give you access to a confirmed seat in the hall.

Blue Tickets (N50,000 only) will be made available to 60 people. Not only will these people get better seats in the hall, they will also be given access to a 90 days post event Exponential Community experience.

Gold Tickets (N100,000 only) will be made available to only 20 people. These people will get to have lunch with Jimi Tewe at a private location IN Lagos on Sunday September 25 in addition to joining the 90 days post event Exponential Community experience. 

EXPONENTIAL conferences are known to be absolutely transformational and memorable. This one will not be an exception!

Register right now as seats are guaranteed to fill out really fast 

BRG you

Note: There are strict criteria that will determine if you will be chosen. It is not guaranteed.