I am interested in investing in 30 minutes of my time to help you emerge as a well recognized and profitable voice, leveraging on Instagram and other social media platforms.
My mindset was delivered from limiting beliefs and I've started projects I never had the courage to. Jimi's Program has also given me access to high networth individuals and an arsenal of vital relationships. I have clarity of vision and I am better equipped to function in purpose.

Now, I labor productively because I know the principles required for specific results. Jimi Tewe is a gift that keeps giving.
- Deborah. A
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Did I hear you say -
‘No, I don’t plan to be a SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER?’

Of course I am not referring to trying to get you to become that person who promotes and sells products & services. I am speaking about becoming one of the real people who shape the minds of others and influence them to become better and live better lives using social media as a tool.

During this 30 minute session, I am going to help you gain clarity on your main message, your main target and a unique strategy you can deploy to grow your online influence quickly.

I am a transformational coach & speaker and based in Cape Town. Much more than anything else, Spirituality - (understanding the God factor) in my business was the bang for me. I introduced my Results Accountability Program to my community with a new price tag $500. Boom. I got clients signed up and even paid upfront.

Before now, I used to charge less than $50 for the same program. Jimi Tewe's program completely changed my mindset and why targeting affording clients can actually make a huge difference in any business. I am feeling more confident than ever. Thank you Jimi Tewe
- Coach Oscar

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Influencer Strategy Session.

Meet Jimi

Jimi Tewe is a Transformational Specialist and the CEO of Jimi Tewe LLC, a transformational services company operating out of Atlanta, Georgia. Through consulting, coaching and teaching, Jimi provides a range of generic and bespoke solutions that caters to the needs of his diverse audience.

Leveraging his experience working with global institutions such as Accenture and working at Senior Executive levels in the financial services industry, Jimi is able to deliver interventions that help to build culture, gain clarity
and deliver exponential results.

As a Thought Leader in the Transformational Space, Jimi has developed and deployed several pragmatic models that have helped his clients achieve exponential results in their career, businesses and finances. His simplicity of delivery matched by his insightful approach causes his audience to engage fully with his initiatives and this in turn drives their change.

Over the years, he has created and deployed transformational initiatives that has attracted participants from over 30 countries of the world and these include his flagship program; TURN ON THE MILLIONAIRE WITHIN and the EXPONENTIAL

As an International Speaker, Jimi has spoken on various platforms for associations, corporate
organizations and Faith based organizations. His unique blend of authenticity, intelligence, humor and a deep understanding of the audience’s needs and appropriate solutions makes him an unforgettable
experience that keeps delivering results way after listening to him.

His consistency over the years has been recognized for his contribution in the personal development and performance implement space. He has been recognized as one of the 100 most influential young Nigerians and has won several other awards by many bodies.

As a Human Performance improvement specialist, Jimi is a certified Job Evaluator and Emotional & Social Competence Intelligence Specialist with the Hay Group of South Africa.

Jimi is a member of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN), the Professional Association of
Resume Writers and Career Coaches USA, the American Association of Small Business Consultants,
Texas, USA and the International Certified Consultants Association, Canada.

Jimi has authored and published nine books focused on Money, Career, Purpose & Success and has sold
tens of thousands of copies over the years.