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Meet Jimi Tewe

Olujimi Tewe is a transformational specialist with almost two decades of experience garnered in HR consulting. Senior HR Management positions, Career & Executive Coaching and in providing be spoke learning interventions to organizations in varied industries.


One-On-One Coaching (90mins Clarity Session)


One-On-One Coaching (90mins Clarity Session)


I made a personal connection with Jimi Tewe in 2019 after years of observing his strides as a corporate executive, consultant and coach. I was particularly endeared to him for his pragmatic, holistic and authentic approach to human capacity development which continues to prove effective. As a politician with expansive responsibilities and a growing number of people to manage, I continue to master the art of self-management, people management and optimized living from him. Jimi has a unique competence in helping you identify gaps and connect the dots in your life and career for next level impact. I strongly recommend him to executives and individuals who need practical, committed and informed guidance on maximizing their leadership and life assets for increased relevance and next level accomplishments.

Hon. Seyi Adisa

Member, Oyo State House of Assembly

Jimi Tewe’s coaching for me has resulted in a mindset shift towards financial well being. TOTMW has accelerated my journey towards being a multi-millionaire in USD. My learning curve has been shortened and I’ve received tools to apply immediately and get results. I learned that understanding and applied principles are the keys to financial freedom. I learned the power of imagination and intentionality. Post Covid-19 a lot has changed and new tools are required in order to adapt. Coach Jimi understands this need and advises from that perspective. This coaching has been the BEST investments of 2021 I’ve made for myself and future generations. Thank You Coach Jimi! I’m forever grateful

Dominique LaFortune, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist

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