Business Coaching Lagos.

Thanks a lot for your interest in the closed strategy session I will be having with Business Owners this Friday, December 17, 2022.

First, let me mention that I am grateful that you are interested in being a part of this.

Secondly, I am particularly excited about this opportunity because it’s something I have wanted to hold again after holding the CEOs Masterclass a while back which attracted several business leaders who are still talking about it till today.

1) Your Financial Projections for 2022

2) Your People Plan for 2022

3) Your Systems readiness for 2022

4)Your Mindset for BIG Results in 2022


I would want you to come ready to think through these areas especially in relations to the business you lead.

The class size will be relatively small and so I do hope you make the cut to join the session.

We will begin by 9am prompt and run till 4pm.

A tea break and lunch will be provided during this event. My colleagues will be on hand to make you as comfortable as possible.

Now to the program fee.

I am on a mission to be a part of the next level of success of several businesses and this is why I am putting this program together. On this program, I would make an investment in your business by charging a fee that isn’t up to what I would usually charge. Consider it as my investment in you with no demand for equity in your business (LOL).

At the minimum, I would charge $500 per person to attend an event like this but I will do something different- I will offer it at 50% off bringing it to $250. For only $250/N125,000 I will be offering this opportunity to you.

Trust me, it’s an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

I also plan to have one or two specialists to join the event to lend their thoughts to the experience too. I’ll keep their identity secret for now.

So, with a limited number of seats, my advise is that you click the link below and register immediately.

Details of the venue in Lagos and other relevant information will be communicated to those who register. Registration closes once slots are filled.

Make this investment in YOU and in YOUR business!

I look forward to seeing you on Friday.