Emerging CEOs, leaders and influencers

We are in a new season where the usual ways of running a business have changed significantly.

We are witnessing a boom in the Tech economy, the creators economy, Medical, Food luxury goods economy etc. We are also witnessing the active engagement of Gen-Z’s online, alongside the transition to virtual operations and more…A lot has indeed changed.

The question is, as a CEO/Business Owner, how has this helped your presence and profitability?

How should you position your service or product now that buyer behaviour has been influenced by the Digital Economy.

I will be in Nigeria in a few weeks on a short break from my Exponential Tour to hold this Mentoring Session. I have decided to share insights from my personal and coaching experiences that you will find very useful.

Emerging CEOs, leaders and influencers are those that understand the power of the New Economy and are being intentional about how to maximize it. They are from any and every field and they understand the importance of building a system that is not just profit-based but impact based.

Would you like to know how to navigate this new path?

In this session, I would like to to show you;

and so much more.

Do not register for this program if;

As a Coach and Mentor running his own company, I have been able to produce other EMERGING CEOs leaders and influencers doing very well in their various industries.

My group coaching sessions normally go for $250 for 60mins (Online) but now you and I will be in one place PHYSICALLY for a Mentoring Session and you are paying only $50 (consider the difference my investment in your business)

Did I mention that you also get the opportunity to network with other amazing CEOs, leaders and influencers just like you at the event?

A great opportunity right…

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