Goal Getter

2022 is literally here and for YOU, it’s going to be a YEAR OF BIG RESULTS!!!

I am very convinced about this as I get prepared to serve amazing people like you in this New Year.

Every year, for the last three years, I have held a yearly session where I share insights into the year ahead based on trend analysis and spiritual Intelligence and each year, those who have leveraged what I shared have recorded significant results.


Events, people and things, through a series of DISRUPTIVE OCCURRENCES, will open up new vistas that each one of us can take advantage of for rapid advancement in our fields.

This will not however happen automatically!

Your POSITIONING will determine your eventual POSITION by the end of 2022.

There are 7 competencies that are required for effective POSITIONING in 2022.

They require you to give up the current version of YOU that the world has experienced and operate as a new version of YOU that can produce higher results.

Read that last statement again- it holds the key to transformation.

Every NEW level of results requires a NEW version of YOU. The knowledge of this is what leads to great achievements while the ignorance of it leads to great disappointments.

In 2022, the world needs a NEW version of YOU!

The 7 competencies you will need to build and utilize so as to record BIG RESULTS in 2022 are much needed competencies in times like this. I will tell you about one of them that I believe is very important. You have to be a GOALGETTER in 2022!

The capacity to GET (stretch) GOALS accomplished, especially through people, will make a huge difference in your RESULTS in 2022.

This is why I will be hosting a cohort of 50 people in a three week online experience where I will work with them to build their GOALGETTER capacity.

In this experience running from January 10-30, 2022, I will be coaching them around their BIGGEST Goal for 2022. There is an ability and capacity required for exploits and I know how to help you get established in them.

This experience is designed not to interfere in your regular daily activities but is poised to help you maximize your day, sharpen your abilities and stay focused on what matters most.

Using several transformational tools, I can guarantee that those who go through it and are committed to the process will experience a mind shift that will translate to behavioral changes that will enable them become highly productive.

Daily sessions will be pre-recorded and shared on a closed portal while live sessions will hold during the weekend. Throughout the duration of the program, there will be daily activities that will establish your clarity, build your capacity and accelerate your productivity. Coaching support will also be provided throughout the event.

In addition, I will be hosting four other specialists who have helped ENTREPRENEURS and WORKING PROFESSIONALS to experience EXPONENTIAL RESULTS.

By December 2022, these 50 people will look back and realize that they have not just met their big goals for the year but they have exceeded it.

Are you one of the 50 who will be part of the GOALGETTER coaching program I will be hosting?

Click the link below NOW to secure your spot.

I look forward to seeing you in the program