Hello, my name is Jimi Tewe and, I am a

For me, while everyone desires to operate as a KING, the truth is that many people will only rise into this position if they have a limited view of life and also battle with many limiting beliefs.

Over the years, I have built capacity as a Coach, Consultant, Speaker, and Pastor for one purpose: to raise KINGS effectively!

The KINGS GUILD is my personal and direct effort to significantly accelerate the capacity of a few individuals who recognize that this is their season to  EMERGE AS KINGS IN THEIR CHOSEN FIELD. You can call this my Mastermind.

Over 6 months, I will be directly involved with their lives as a friend, coach, consultant, accountability partner, and pastor with the sole intention of helping them EMERGE faster as KINGS.

During this period, members of the KINGS GUILD will:

This is not for everyone. It is for a few who are ready to switch up their lives to resonate at KINGDOM FREQUENCY.

Are you interested in being 1 of the 12 in this guild?

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