You are one major step away from learning how to GROW your wealth!

Hello, my name is Jimi Tewe and I am excited that you are interested in being one of the few individuals who will seat with me and three of my Millionaire friends on June 9, 2023, in Lagos, Nigeria.

There are HUGE OPPORTUNITIES to grow your Wealth in Nigeria and beyond and there are two keys to making this happen for you;




By knowing how to channel your investible funds, you can hedge your wealth and grow it at the same time.

My major objective for this private dinner event is to enable you to be a more:


I will like you to meet three of my Millionaire friends below:

Olori Boye Ajayi

She is the President of the Borderless Trade Network. I have known her for 12 years, and I have been privileged to see her grow financially in leaps and bounds over the years. Her uncanny ability to network, spot opportunities, and maximize them has enabled her to enjoy excellent dimensions of success and wealth. She will speak to us about international trade opportunities available to everyone but unknown to many.

Wale Ayilara

He is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Oxygen Holdings. I have known him for over 13 years. Watching him from when he was a student and now seeing him lead one of the fastest-growing organizations in his industry, Wale knows and has mastered the value chain of the real estate industry. He said, ‘During my session, I will share real estate opportunities in Nigeria that I have not shared with many people.’

Boye Ajayi

He is the Business Head of Toyota at CFAO Nigeria. I have been privileged to know him for more than 13 years. From his early days in Friesland Campina to Etisalat, General Electric, and CICA Motors Liberia, one consistent thing about him has been his entrepreneurial solid and opportunity-driven mindset. In his session, Boye will share clear opportunities available to everyone (but known to a few) in the automotive industry and other sectors in and outside Nigeria.

Yes, one more thing.

In addition to gaining access to this event, you also get to participate in one more online opportunity sessions with other U.S Millionaires who have access to opportunities that you need to know about.

How much will you pay if you could get access to information that can add an extra Million Dollars to your pocket? I am sure that $500 will be inconsequential as an investment you can make.